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Broken Pipes?What Happens Next?

Broken Pipes is stated as to when a water main breaks usually from natural causes or human. Moreover, The pipe that provides clean drinking water from purveyors to consumers is commonly in good shape, but certain events can severely damage the functionality of the broken pipes. Likewise, there is a problem there often are signs, diagnostics, causes and diagnostics that help to detect and hopefully solve the issue. Also, An initial freezing of water inside the pipes  may not be enough to cause them to burst, but frequent freezing water can finally weaken and damage the walls.  Similarly, The pipe will eventually burst, dumping gallons of water onto the floor and causing damage to the walls, flooring, and ceilings.

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Here are some signs of a water main break:

  • Adulteration in water, defined as a mixture of foreign substances into clean water such as soil and debris
  • No pressure of water when using taps, and lack of supply of water
  • The appearance of various sizes of water eruption like “geysers” from the earth
  • An influx of water creating pools and large puddles in the surrounding
  • Observing faint, or noticeable vapour rising from the ground in the winter monthsAs per the signs of a water main break, there are also causes that influence the probability of a water main break. There are usually two causes natural, and the other development processes like during repairs, or construction work.

Natural causes

  • The chemical reaction from the composition of the pipe. Rust formation overtime causes irreversible damage and impacts the water main through developing cracks and decreased resistance to the water pressure
  • In extreme winter months, the frozen pipes are very vulnerable as any significant temperature changes can cause contraction to expansion damage like cracks
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Development process

  • Caused by construction work like shovelings and trenching which can lead to the damage of the water main and eventually leaks

As per the signs and causes, there is a solution to this horrible problem. If the problem is caused by natural processes the first step would be to shut off the main corporation valve or the curve valve. If the problem is caused by human error before any construction work near suspected water mains performs utility checks through calling the city or correspondent. If you cannot solve this issue by your-self, we at Everest Drain & Plumbing urge you to call a trusted 24/7 service provider.  After the plumber fixes the issue do listen to his/her advice for the prevention of any future problems. But after the problem is fixed do flush the mainline for removing adulteration.

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